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See the video to get full details on the Electric Blower and our opinions about it!


The Electric blowers that we use are high speed pumps so you can get a ball filled with air in 1 minute!
We have seen Electric blowers that take about 3minutes to blow one ball. That does not maybe sound
much but think about blowing 10 bubbles. Would you prefer to do it in 10-15 minutes or 30-40 minutes?
Our Electric Blowers have also the suction mode.

We recommend buying at least two pumps because we have noticed that the pumps can break if you do
not use them correctly. The biggest problems appear with the wire as if you pull the wire or keep the
blower in a position that gives constant pressure on the wire, it can get damaged and stop working.

Why should you buy from us?
We know what we are doing and we can give you customer service in Finnish, Swedish, English and
Polish. From us you will get always an honest opinion and answer. We do not sell just to make business;
we sell because we want Bubble Football to grow as a sport worldwide.

Electric Blower

200,00 €Price
  • If you are interested in knowing more about the return policies and other policies the manufacturer offers, please contact us before you make the purchase. 


    The policies can change in time and that´s why it is better to contact us first so that you get the latest version of them! 

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