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See the video to get full details on the Tear Aid Repair Kit and our opinions about it!


With the Repair Kit you can easily fix a flat on the balls. The Repair Kit is transparent piece of special
plastic that is sticky on one side so applying it on a flat is made easy. Just wipe the flat with an alcohol
prep pad let it dry and apply a piece of the Repair Kit on it. We had our first flat in 2015 and the same
piece of the repair kit is still on that flat and the ball fully functional!

The Repair Kit can save your day, as if a ball gets flat you just identify the flat, repair it and the ball is
back in use in no time.

Why should you buy from us?
We know what we are doing and we can give you customer service in Finnish, Swedish, English and
Polish. From us you will get always an honest opinion and answer. We do not sell just to make business;
we sell because we want Bubble Football to grow as a sport worldwide.

Repair Kit

80,00 €Price
  • If you are interested in knowing more about the return policies and other policies the manufacturer offers, please contact us before you make the purchase. 


    The policies can change in time and that´s why it is better to contact us first so that you get the latest version of them! 

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