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This year we have managed to gather awesome sponsors who will provide the tournament with awesome prizes and side activities during the tournament. We are so lucky that they are on board and hopefully you will enjoy what they have to offer!


One of the giants in the Baltic Sea provides unforgettable memories no matter the age you are. Even though you probably remember Viking Line best from some trips you have made with your friends and family, did you know that Viking Line is extremely proud of their recycling program?


They carry a big concern about the Baltic Sea and environmental issues and they strive to be pioneers in those areas. In April of 2018 Viking Grace (you know, the coolest Viking Line ship) got a rotor ship (don´t worry we also had to google the word) and they are very happy about it. If you just started your studies or if you are slow learner, you will live long enough to see the new ship coming to Turku for 2020 and perhaps enjoy some juicy student friendly prices!


The newcomer will have two rotor ships so get on Google or as like in Finland we say KVG and learn the basics about rotor ship, so you can impress some fine ladies or gentleman with your geekiness!


Does Börs even need an introduction? If you are a student in Turku and even if you just occasionally go out on a student party, you have probably heard of or been to Börs. The place is lit and statistics shows that you have a higher percent of surviving the night with a bubble on you then without! Börs is providing this year the ultimate prize for the tournament!!! 4 hotel rooms (2person/room) to be used until the end of this year. Let that sink just for a moment and we have just one word that comes to our mind: GLÖGGRUNDA


Aah, the one piece of paradise in Turku where you always feel like abroad. Perfect destination for us cheap as f*ck students who can’t afford a real Caribbean trip. As adrenaline junkies the water-slides are obviously our favorites but the outside pool and the massage thingies are also awesome. Wanna make an unforgettable splash intro? Grab a burger or two (three if you want to become a legend) just outside the pool and then head for the water-slides. A guaranteed splash and speed hack.

Holiday Club is so generous that they provide spa tickets for the most stylish spectators! Players of the tournament can also win this price if they cheer in style for other teams between their own matches.


The summer just ended and the money you saved are just a far memory of the good life. Well ENJOY is here to help you out with this! ENJOY isn’t only another firm that provides other companies with staff for the hotel and restaurant sector. ENJOY is like a family and we don’t write this to promote the company but because one of Båltsit teammates is also a family member of ENJOY. She has only great things to said about them and we trust in her :D

If you are in studying e.g. Bachelor of Hospitality Management, ENJOY might have some cool jobs to offer! ENJOY will be at the tournament with their own spot and you can talk with them about their community and possible work opportunities.


Well, well, well…Båltsit human sized condoms aka. “Bubble balls” have teamed up with Kaalimato to make your life even more enjoyable. Kaalimato wants to make sure that everyone goes one way or another home happily or at least to feel happy before you fell asleep. Kaalimato provides prizes for the individual players of the tournament. So even if you lost all the games you still have the chance to go home with a prize. Who wouldn’t like to go home after a hard sweaty and a bit disappointing day with some lubricant gel and a dildo? Oh, and these are just two examples of what Kaalimato has provided for the tournament as prizes! Now you really don’t have any reasons to not cum to the tournament!


After an enjoyable win or loss in the tournament or maybe some other enjoyable activities in the bathroom (please be careful to not get caught), some hydration is at place. And what could be better than drink 100% of fruits to be ready for round two? Froosh is all about fruits and that is also what their gonna be in the tournament. Froosh will be giving out for FREE samples so that you have no excuses to not perform well. Froosh is awesome also in another way, a way deeper way; “Tropical fruit farming offers a source of income and a way out of poverty for millions of families in developing countries”.


CampusSport is our oldest companion in this tournament. They were onboard already in 2015 when the tournament was organized for the first time. The bubble football tournament is also a part of the CampusSport Cup and thanks to the high amount of teams entering each year the bubble football tournament you get really good points from bubble football!

CampusSport helps us a lot with covering the costs of organizing this tournament!




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