Bubble Football tournament for students



What is it all about?

Bubble Football Tournament for students (YO-turnaus) is an every year tournament organized by Båltsit Osk in Impivaara Football Hall, Turku. The tournament was organized for the first time in 2015 when 17 teams joined the tournament. In 2016, the tournament grew into a 25-team tournament. In 2017 we set a new record on 36 teams which is also a world record when you exclude bubble football tournaments that are pure elimination tournaments "win or go home"- type of tournaments. Although some team compete in the tournament for the win, it is not the most important part. The idea is to offer a sport experience in which every student can participate without any pressure to perform.

Is the tournament suitable for mixed teams and teams consisting of women?

Absolutely! You can join the tournament as a men team, mixed team or women team. This year we have an own tournament for female participants! We divide the teams into groups according to the players name list. We try to put all teams consisting purely of men in the same groups and mixed teams in own group. Womens team play their own tournament.

Do I have to own an own bubble ball to participate?

Absolutely not! We as tournament organizers provide the bubble balls for you during the games. You just need to have sportswear and sneakers. We take care of everything else!

How many players must there be in a team?

There are 5 players on the field at the same time and you can have up to 8 players on your roster for a single game. The roster can be totally changed between the games so you can have as many players you want on a team but for every game, you can name a maximum of 8 players.

What if I don't have enough friends?

Then you can join the DREAMTEAM! 
DREAMTEAM is a concept we created for the players who want to join the tournament but don't have enough friends to have their own team. You sign up as a individual player and we will form a team of all the players who signed up as individuals.

02. lokak. 2018 klo 15.00 – 23.00
Impivaara Football Hall,
Eskonkatu 1, 21280 Turku, Finland


Max. Weight 120kg
Min. length 150cm


My team doesn’t study in Turku can we still participate?

Of course! Students around the world are welcome to the tournament. 

How much does the tournament cost and what does it included?

The registration fee is 70€/team.

For individual players it is 15€/player.
The price includes minimum of 3 games (1 game = 1x10min.), 8 overall patches and prizes for the best three teams in the tournament. 

We are in negotiations with companies that could provide more prizes so stay tuned!

How long will the tournament last?

The tournament starts at approx. 16:00 in the afternoon, depending on how many teams join the tournament. (If we get many teams, we may have to start at 15:00.) The final of the tournament will be played no later than at 22:30.


The three best teams will get a trophy and special prizes. 




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