Opiskelijoiden kuplafutisturnaus



On the playing field there can only be five players from each team at a time, no goalkeeper. You
may switch players as you like during the game.

In the tournament the players will wear Bumperz bubbleballs. The weight-limit for the players is
120 kg and the players have got to be at least 150 cm long. If a person disrespects the terms of use
and the bubbleball therefore brakes, the person will be charged for the damage caused to the
bubbleball. Footwear with studs or spikes are not allowed in the tournament. Jewelry, keys and
other potentially sharp objects are forbidden while playing. If a person misuses Båltsit ́s products by
not following the instructors guidelines and the product therefore brakes the person will be
charged for the damages (at least 20 €).
The teams will be handed wests, but it’s still recommended that the teams will use similar colored
clothing, so the teams can be separated more easily.

Each game takes 10 minutes without breaks. There are no side switches during a game. Scoring
after the game ends is accepted if the shot was made before the end-signal.

The games will be played on a marked area at Impivaara Jalkapallohalli.

The substitution takes place at the teams own endline. The players entering the field have to put on
the bubbleball before entering the field. Because of the safety of the players no one can enter the
field without correctly wearing a bubbleball. The player who is leaving the field must be completely
off the field before his substitute can enter. Wrong substitution will lead to a two minute penalty.

The football will be placed in the center of the field, and the teams are lined up along their goal
lines. When the whistle blows, teams may run to the football for possession.

A player can score with any part of his/her body as long as the bubbleball is correctly worn.
While playing, the player is allowed running with the football inside the bubbleball, it is even
allowed to run into the goal with the ball inside the bubble. A player is allowed to keep the football
inside the bubbleball until he falls down. If the player hits the ground the game will be stopped and
continued with referee ball.
After an accepted goal the game continues with a goal kick which is signaled with a whistle by the
referee. The team who scored will return to their own side of the field until the goal kick is
completed. The goal kick is completed when the opposite player touches the football.

During a game there is no goalkeeper. Each team decides by themselves how they prefer to guard
their goal.

Tackles and penalties
During the games the players are allowed to tackle players both with and without the football.
Tackles from behind are forbidden. If a player tackles from behind, there will be a free kick. If the
team continues tackling from behind, a two minute penalty will follow. It’s forbidden to tackle
players laying on the ground as well as striking to the feet of an opposite player.
If a forbidden tackle is too harsh, or if the tackles continues, a game penalty follows. The player
given a game penalty is banned from that game and the team will play with one player less for the
following 5 minutes. A team can only suffer one penalty at a time, if the team gets another penalty
while already short-handed, the other penalty will follow when the first one is over.
If the team suffering from a two minute penalty gets scored against, they may return to full
strength after the goal. During a five minute penalty the team will play with one player less during
the entire game regardless of how many goals is scored against them.

Out of bounds
Anytime the football goes over either sideline, there will be a kick-in from where the ball went out.
Anytime the football crosses the end line (a) a goal kick or (b) a corner kick will occur.
a. = last touched by an attacker
b. = last touched by a defender
Goals may be scored on corner and goal kicks. The defending team must stand at least 3 meters
away from the corner/goal kick.

The superiority between the teams is based on how many points a team have (3 points from a win
and 1 from a draw). If teams end up with equal points the superiority will be decide as followed:
1. Points gained from matches against the other team
2. Goal difference from matches against the other team
3. Goals made in matches against the other team
4. Goal difference in the whole group
5. Goals made in the whole group
6. Lottery

Golden Goal
If a game is tied after 10 minutes in games where a winner has to be decided there will be an extra
period played with the Golden Goal rule (the first goal in extra period will win the game).


If a team does not have at least four (4) players on the field at the start of the game it will be judged
as a forfeit.

Game schedule
The game schedule is impossible to adjust during this tournament.

Each player is responsible for their own insurance. Båltsit (Anl Ydeas Osk) will not be held
accountable for any damages that could occur during the tournament. Intoxicated and/or
disturbing players or teams may be kicked out of the tournament.

Should any disagreement occur, it will be handled on-site. If Anl Ydeas Osk and the other party can’t
come to an agreement, the matter will be taken to court in the company’s hometown.
The organizer has the right to make changes.


Max. Weight 120kg
Min. Length 150cm





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